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Studio Six Two Four is a full-service hair salon committed to sharing our passion for quality, and excellence. Our home is a creative space for hairstylists who strive to continually evolve to refine their craft to provide our clients with a unique blend of fashion-forward, timeless, yet modern tailored looks, bringing the luxe professional feel of editorial hairstyling to the North Shore.

Our studio carries the luxurious haircare brand Oribe Hair Care. Oribe is a best-selling, award-winning product line that blends craftsmanship, performance, and decades of styling experience from the top of the editorial and salon worlds. While the products perform like magic to target all your hair care concerns and needs, they are also ultra-high-tech, clean, and modern. Formulated without parabens and sodium chloride, the line is also gluten-free, cruelty-free, color, and keratin treatment safe while having UV protection for your hair. 


Studio Six Two Four was founded by Ashley Brecken, a National and International Oribe Hair Care Educator, and Editorial Stylist, who's heart is in continued education.


"Creating a salon environment fostering artistic expression, community, and continual growth was always an aspiration of mine, along with having multiple avenues in how I am able to teach, and help others grow more deeply into their dream careers within this incredible industry. I will leave you with some words of wisdom that have always resonated with me throughout my career from a few people who really inspired me. ‘Always hold true to who you are, take chances even when they scare you and push yourself to explore new adventures because life is filled with constant growth and new beginnings. And if you ask my Nana, she will say to always get dressed first thing when you wake up, put your makeup on and have food in the house because you never know who’s going to come knocking at your door!”


- Ashley Brecken -

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